System Overview

Lotentic is a guardrail system for balconies and accessible roof-terraces accessible (private and public).
Its steel design meets architects requirements for the aesthetics, and the aluminium makes it beneficial as it is both light and durable.

Lotentic is also easy to implement with its patented assembly system. It also has a customized delivery in pre-assembled modules ready for installation. The system is delivered with a layout plan and installation instructions.

Compliance with standards
Lotentic complies with current standards:
  • NF P 01-012 (Railing dimensions)
  • NF P 01-013 (Tests: method and criteria)
  • NF P 06-111-2 / A1 (National Annex to Eurocode 1)

The benefits of Lotentic

  • The advantages of aluminum
  • The design of steel
  • Customized delivery, preassembled, ready to install

Multiple combinations

Lotentic allows a wide range of architectural renderings due to the variou combinations possible :
  • Glazed, barred or enclosed filling
  • Handrail can be rectangular or round rail
  • Handrail or overhead

Standard mounting brackets

  • On slab
  • In nose of slab, in English
  • On acroter (with or without covert)
  • On isolated acroter

Ready-to-install delivery

The system is preassembled * in factory modules. The modules are packaged separately for protection and delivered ready for installation on site. The ready-to-install modules are 3 m maximum, rivets are provided.
* Except filling to be laid on site.

Elements of the system


The intermediate beams

The intermediate beams (1 or 2 beams) are round or square.


The Lotentic posts are manufactured according to the chosen model. This allows the passage of the handrail and the heddles.

Lotentic aluminium guard rail with easy to fix plates, quick to install

Base plate accessories

  • Nut Cover
  • Fixing plate with 4 fine adjustment screws
  • Cale.

The vertical is adjusted by inserting one or more shims (2 mm thick) under the plate.


The handrails can be either through or at the top of the post.
They are available in round or rectangular pattern.

Handrail round through

Handrail rectangular through

Handrail round overhead

Handrail rectangular in front

Associated product: Marchenet, handrail on squire

  • Guiding and security function
  • Visual contrast by high-quality lacquering
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Compatible with the Marchenet range (walking nose, visual contrast strip for riser, podotactile tile) and the accessible roof rails Panorama and Lotentic


The different fixings possible :

  • Fixing on slab or wall (with a permissible slope)
  • Fixing in nose of slab (nose of slab, outside wall or inside wall)
  • Fixing on acrotera (on acrotère with covert, on acroterère isolated with couvertine
  • Fixing between tables

The vertical is adjusted by inserting one or more shims (2 mm thick) under the plate.

Lotentic Vision - Glazed model


Preframe filling with laminated glass 44.2:

  • Clear glass
  • Translucent glass granite
  • White translucent glass
  • Bronze translucent glass
Other finishes on request


Lotentic Vision has a vacuum under handrail, an intermediate rail or two intermediate rail

Lotentic Vision - bars model


Bars filling

Preframe filling with :
  • Round bar diameter 20 mm
  • Square bars 20x20 mm


Lotentic Air exists with empty under handrail, an intermediate rail or two intermediate rail

Lotentic Décor - Model with perforated plate

Preframe filling with sheet metal :

  • Standard perforations (round 10 mm or 10 mm square)
  • Customizable perforations


Lotentic Décor exists with two intermediate beams