System Overview

Marchenet is a range of products which makes stairs accessible to those with reduced mobility (confirming to  the standards of accessibility in accordance with the decree of 01/08/2006 and with Circular n ° DGUHC 2007-53 of 30/11/2007.) Designed for public-use establishments (ERP), they can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
The product range includes:
  • Marchenet - Stair nosing (ribbed / with non-slip strip)
  • Marchenet - Contrast strip for riser
  • Marchenet - Podotactile tile

Aluminum step nosing

The stair nosing is a signaling system, simple and durable.
The resistance to abrasion is ensured by the anodization of the aluminum. Its durability contributes to the durability of the structure. The stair nosing is applicable on most floor coverings, new or old.
Mechanical and adhesive bonding.
The stair noseing is available in two models, delivered in lengths of 3 m.

Natural anodized aluminum


The advantages of aluminum stair noses

  • High mechanical resistance
  • Non-corrodible
  • non-skid
  • Easy to maintain
  • Protection of the staircase

Stair nosing in ribbed aluminum

Its production, in extruded aluminum with streaks in the upper part, allows a visual and tactile contrast, compared to the rest of the staircase.

Stair nosing in ribbed aluminum with non-slip strip

In addition to the features of the stair aluminum nose, this stair nose includes a non-slip strip for interior use which:
  • Enhances the security of the device
  • Enhances the visual contrast of the stair nose
  • Is factory pre-assembled on the running nose


Visible contrast bandl

The visual contrast strip makes it possible to highlight the beginning and the end of a flight of stairs.

System overview

  • Height 100 mm
  • Custom Length
  • Made of aluminum 15 / 10th mm


  • Natural anodised aluminum
  • RAL 9010 lacquered aluminum
  • RAL-lacquered aluminum on request

Podotactile Tile

The podotactile slab is made of aluminum sheet metal.
It highlights the proximity of descending stairs, thanks to a visual and tactile contrast on the ground. It is installed 500 mm away from the first step in the downward direction.


The advantages of the aluminum podactile tile :

  • Visual and tactile contrast
  • Complies with NF P98-351

The podotactile slab exists in three lengths:

  • 645 mm,
  • 795 mm,
  • And 1020 mm.

For other dimensions, contact us.