aquadrop rainwater collector downpipe for watertightness of buildings aesthetic and architectural design


The Aquadrop® range is made of three elements:

  • The collector
  • the downpipe
  • the pipe protector

All the products in the Aquadrop® range are available in a large number of different colours and textures for a discreet and well-integrated look in the façade or, on the contrary, a visible and decorative one.

Aquadrop® personalizes your façade.

The products can be used as one system or separately. The base of the system can be protected by Aquadrop® protector

The benefits of the Aquadrop® system

  • Aesthetic finish
  • Easy installation
  • Available in 350 colours and 3 textures.
  • Discreet fixings

aquadrop rainwater collector downpipe for watertightness of buildings invisible design

All the Danilac® colours are available online. The powder coating in made in our workshops, this guarantees uniformity of colour.

danilac range of colours for powder coating of our rainwater collectors and downpipes

Aquadrop® collector

aquadrop rainwater Collector dimensions and characteristics

Aquadrop® collector is a cubic water box fixed to the façade. It collects rainwater from a flat roof and drains it into the downpipe of a flat roof or balcony. The robustness of the material used, 2 mm aluminium, guarantees its durability.

Dimensions (L x P x H):

  • 200 x 200 x 200 mm
  • 250 x 250 x 250 mm
  • 300 x 300 x 300 mm


  • 2 mm
  1. Leafguard
  2. Overflow



The overflow is an option to control the release of water in the event of an overload of the drainage system.


The grid is designed to prevent leaves and debris from clogging the downpipe. Quick and easy to fit. No drilling, no screws or glue.

Installation steps for the leafguard:
  1. Part delivered flat
  2. Bending of the support wings according to predetermined cuttings
  3. Position the grid at the bottom of the collector, resting on the support wings
aquadrop rainwater collector options and leafguard grid

Aquadrop® round downpipe

aquadrop rainwater collector round downpipe characteristics

The Aquadrop® downpipe is an aluminum system with a diameter of 80, 100 or 120 mm (outer diameter).

System components

  • Downpipes
  • Elbows 72° or 85°
  • Fixing brackets (2 per unit of 3 lm)


The thickness of the pipes and elbows is 0.7 mm for the 80 and 100 mm diameters and 1 mm for the 120 mm diameter.


  1. Overflow
  2. Aquadrop® collector
  3. Downpipe outlet
  4. Elbows 85° or 72°
  5. Flared top
  6. Aquadrop® downpipe Ø 80, Ø 100, Ø 120 mm

Downpipes have a flare at the top. Elbows are flared and tapered.

  1. Elbow flare
  2. Elbow taper
  3. Downpipe flare
aquadrop rainwater collector round downpipe elbow characteristics

Aquadrop® fixing bracket

aquadrop rainwater collector fixing brackets characteristics

The fixing bracket contributes to the clean and aesthetic finish of the Aquadrop® system. It is flat and rolls up easily to fit the shape of the downpipe.

The fixing screws are placed at the back of the downpipe to remain discreet.

  1. Base
  2. Tapped hole 6 mm
  3. Pre-drilled holes for folding
  4. Screws (Provided)
  5. Hoop

Aquadrop® Protector

aquadrop rainwater protector for downpipe

Aquadrop® Protector protects the downpipe from damage. It is supplied in 1000 mm lengths.

There are three models depending on the external diameter of the downpipe to be covered.

Aquadrop® square downpipe

aquadrop rainwater collector downpipe for watertightness of buildings square downpipe
Square downpipe for rainwater: a new product by dani alu


The Aquadrop® square downpipe is an aluminium system with a size of 100 x 100 mm.

System components

Aquadrop® square downpipe offer:

  • Downpipes (length 3000 mm)
  • 72° elbows
  • Fixing brackets (minimum 2 units per pipe)
  1. Aquadrop® collector
  2. Elbow 72°
  3. Downpipe cut to length
  4. Aquadrop® square downpipe 100 x 100
aquadrop rainwater square downpipe characteristics

Aquadrop® fixing bracket for square downpipe

The discreet fixing bracket is hidden at the back of the downpipe and powder coated in the same colour. It has a 5 x 15 mm oblong hole at the back for adjustment during installation.

  1. 4 screws (provided)
  2. oblong hole 5x15 mm
aquadrop rainwater fixing brackets for square downpipe characteristics

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