Separal® Characteristics and assets


  • Separator for balconies and roof-tops
  • Custom tailored, simple or multiple panel
  • Choose your decorative filling (window pane, metal sheet, HPL...)
  • Robust, durable and maintenance-free

Innovation and Benefits

  • Fixed to the slab through the sealing complex, in accordance with DTU 20.12 et 43.1.

Separal® Presentation and Product use

garde-corps aluminium séparatif balcon aluminium


Separal® is delivered custom-tailored in powder-coated aluminium and with the decorative filling of your choice:

  • Glass panel (type 44.2) to diffuse light and save from prying eyes. The glass panel can be texturized (granited for instance) or decorated (adhesive film, silkscreen painting...)
  • Decorative metal sheet, powder-coated in 350 different colors and textures
  • Composite panel (i.e. Trespa, Fundermax, etc.)


Separal® can be fixed:

  • On a balcony, on a B shoe or a metal plate, on a dry or sealed slab (resin-sealed for instance).
  • On accessible roof-tops, on a D shoe, in the slab through the sealing system, according to DTU 43.1 and 20.12

Separal® easily supplements our range of guardrails Panorama® and Lotentic®.


Separal® Models

Single panel


Window surface = 3 m2 max

1. Separal single panel

2. Fixed to the wall

3. Fixed to the slab

4. Fixed to a Panorama®-like guardrail

5. Panorama®-like guardrail



Multiple panel


Window surface = 3m2 max

1. Separal multiple panel

2. Fixed to the wall

3. Pillar on plate

4. Fixed to a Panorama®-like guardrail


Separal® fixed on am insulated and sealed slab


a. Walking surface
b. Pad
c. Sealing
d. Concrete slab

1. Separal plate
2. Thermoplastic collar
3. Upper sleeve-plate
4. Lower sleeve-plate
5. D shoe

Separal® D shoe and its accessories

The D shoe preserves the waterproofing thanks to its sleeve-plates and protects the covering with its thermoplastic collar to ensure the compliance of the installation with the water-proofing DTU 43.1 and 20.12.

Separal® Related products


  • Guardrail with decorative filling over the posts for roof-tops and balconies
  • Decorative filling as desired: Vision (glass panel), Air (bars) and Décor (metal sheet)
  • Aesthetical finishing with a large choice of models (Full height, Empty space under the handrail...) in 350+ colors (RAL, fine textures, sandy textures)
  • Custom-made delivery with layout plan
  • Effortless and quick assembly of the parts thanks to the factory pre-mounted decorative fillings.

Dallnet slab nose finish®

  • Adjustable aluminium cladding system to preserve the balcony edges
  • High-quality extruded system
  • Useful in new builds and refurbishment projects
  • Factory pre-made accessories (angles, rainwater junctions, departures...)
  • Adjustable system to various slab heights