The guardrails must guarantee the safety of the installers and operators throughout the life of the building and engage your responsibility.

So choose only those that meet the standard NF E 85-015 by favoring the offer fixed mechanically. Explanations.

The fall of height is a major risk on all types of buildings. The contracting authority and the intervening company on roof terraces are thus obliged to prevent risks and to give priority to collective guard protections on parts of buildings giving access to machinery.



However, since 2008, the French standard NF E 85-015 specifies the characteristics relating to the design and dimensions of these guardrails, it must be noted that some manufacturers continue to offer products that still meet the international standard NF EN ISO 14122, dating back to 2001. It should be remembered that these products are no longer regulatory and do not meet the same requirements, as a simple comparison shows:


Greater resistance ...

For a 1.5 m distance between centers, the resistance criterion required by NF E 85-015 is F = 54 daN, which is 20% higher than the international standard NF EN ISO 14122 (F = 45 daN) 


And double control

The NF E 85-015 standard requires a double validation of the capacity of the railing system to stop a body which falls by static but also dynamic tests, against only static tests for the NF EN ISO 14122 standard.



Always ask for test samples

In order to be in good standing, it is therefore necessary to prescribe and use only guardrail systems complying with the NF E 85-015 standard. Other advice, make sure you have a copy of the PV and the complete test report. This document will be requested by the CRAM in the event of an incident and, if the installed system proves non-compliant, the installer, the developer and the manufacturer are responsible.


The choice of a total guarantee for dani alu

Aware of these stakes in terms of safety and warranty, the philosophy of dani alu is to privilege the offer fixed railing mechanical, and to market only systems and products according to standards and benefiting from test PV. The range of Barrial® aluminum roof guardrail system inaccessible to the public totally meets the requirements of NF E 85-015.