Information lacquering, cleaning and maintenance of aluminum


Information lacquering, cleaning and maintenance of aluminum

Lacquering information

Certain extreme atmospheres, at the seaside or very polluted, can cause an alteration of lacquering over time. The latter does not affect the mechanical and structural qualities of aluminum systems, but in rare cases can lead to a deterioration of the surface appearance.

In this case, we direct our customers towards a natural anodized type finish that has less deterioration of its surface condition, in very aggressive environments.

Cleaning, maintenance.

In general, the cleaning is done with clear water or with a neutral detergent (example: Teepol multipurpose cleaner). Never use laundry. In case of rust stains, use a solution of oxalic acid diluted 1/10. Rinse well.

On Danilac lacquer: use a neutral detergent solution in 5% in water and used with a sponge.

Avoid leaving the protective films too long in the sun, because the action of ultraviolet has the effect of separating the neoprene glue from its plastic support, leaving traces on the aluminum.

Cleaning these traces with acetone or trichlorethylene generally gives satisfactory results. Rinse well. Resistant spots on small surfaces of the raw aluminum can be cleaned with Scotch Brite by rubbing lightly and evenly along the length of the metal. To avoid on the anodized.

Always try cleaning before generalizing.

To prevent soiling, it is necessary to maintain the aluminum by regular cleaning (every 6 months minimum).