This catalog contains all technical solutions for metalworking professionals.


Roofing and sealing




Aluminum coping systems with rounded or straight edges

Couvernet® is an aluminium coping system which prevents water infiltration, whether the walls are sealed or not. These coping have invisible fixtures allowing free expansion. This type of cover protects parapet walls, insulation, water-tightness of the roof, as well as the roof's façade. Couvernet is also compatible with Barrial balcony railings/balustrades.


Roofing and energy

Sherpal® Mechanical fixing


Sherpal® Mechanical fixing

Aluminum support structure system for technical roof-terrace equipment

Sherpal is a system of aluminum support structure for technical equipment in roof terraces. It can be used for VMC, CTA or other types of engine equipment. It allows the fixing on the concrete slab using a sealing complex.

Sherpal® lesté


Sherpal® ballasted

Weighted support system for roof-top technical equipment

Sherpal® weighted is a support structure that allows the drill-free installation, of technical equipment on the waterproofing membrane of a roof terrace.

Sherpal® weighted is designed to support point equipment: VMC, air conditioning units, heat pumps, inverters, antennas or projectors.

Sherpal® Antenna support


Sherpal® Antenna support

Antenna support structure, ballast, aluminum, for roof terrace

Sherpal® antenna support is a support structure that allows antennas to be attached to the roof-terrace without piercing of the sealing complex.

It comes in three versions :
  • Simple antenna support
  • Support double antennas
  • Support triple antennas

Sherpal® Projector stand


Sherpal® Projector stand

Projector-mounted roof support system for roof terrace

Sherpal® Projector Bracket is a system that allows the installation of projectors on a roof terrace to illuminate the surroundings of a building.

It is easily integrated into the roof guard * to protect the operator in operation.

Helial® D

Helial® D

Aluminum support system for roof-top solar panels

Helial® D is a custom-made structure of supports adjustable in three axes for solar thermal or photovoltaic panels.
The system combines ease of implementation and transport.
The inclination varies according to the type of panels and the geographical area. 

Barrial® photovoltaic

Barrial® photovoltaic

Safety guard system with integrated photovoltaic panel support

Barrial® photovoltaic is a dual action system :
  • Securing people and generating electricity
  • The development of buildings through a visible contribution to sustainable development.


Roofing and security

Barrial® Mechanical fixing

Barrial® Mechanical fixing

Safety railing system fixed on a wall or on a slab

Whether it is the uprights, the heddles or the mounting shoes, this system allows perfect adjustment in all points and ease of implementation very appreciated on site.

The different types of fixed railing (straight, angled, curved or folding up) are all part of a single system.

Barrial® self standing standard


Barrial® self standing standard

Weighted safety railing system

Barrial standard rack is in compliance with the current standard NF E 85-015.

It complies with French regulations relating to collective and permanent safety in the prevention of falls from a height, according to Decree No. 2004-924 of 1 September 2004 (Art. R.233-13-20).

Barrial® self standing premium


Barrial® self standing premium

Weighted safety guard system with large adjustment range

Barrial® self standing Premium is an aluminum weighted guardrail system for roof-decks inaccessible to the public. The handrail is adjustable.

The entire system, including counterweights, is guaranteed for 10 years.




Weighted system for the delimitation of work areas and paths on roof terrace

The advantages of Delimit® are :

  • Without drilling
  • Number of chains to your choice
  • Removable and easily transportable

Barrial® Securing skylights

Barrial® Securing skylights

Safety railing system

Barrial® roof lantern safety is a safety guard system that prevents people falling through a skylight. It adapts to the different types of existing skylights.

Terrace and balcony: the guardrails




Traditional aluminum railing system

Panorama® is a railing system for balconies and roof-terraces.
It is suitable for categories A and B (residential, residential and offices) according to Eurocode 1.

The system is delivered to measure with laying plan and parts identification.




Aluminum pre-assembled railing system with steel design

Lotentic® is a railing system for balconies and roof-terraces.
It is suitable for categories A and B (residential, residential and offices) according to Eurocode 1.
Its steel design meets architects requirements for the aesthetics, and the aluminium makes it beneficial as it is both light and durable.


Slab nose finishes

Dallnet® water drop


Dallnet® water drop

Aluminum protection forming drip for nose of slab

It protects the facade cladding, thus avoiding unsightly soiling and dripping.

It delays the degradation of the structures (spalling, cracks, etc.) and related costs of repairs.

Dallnet® gutter


Dallnet® gutter

Balcony water recovery and drainage system

Dallnet® gutter recovers stormwater and drains water through troughs or births.

The system also allows for the dressing of tile noses and the protection of facade claddings.
It adapts in new builds as well as in renovations.

Dallnet® slab nose


Dallnet® slab nose

Adjustable aluminum trim system for balcony nose protection

Dallnet® slab nose is an adjustable aluminum trim system for the protection of balconies noses.

It provides the solution to the problems usually found: degradation of nose balconies, exposed reinforcement, rust, cracks, infiltrations, dirt etc.

Dallnet® habillage


Dallnet® habillage

Tailor-made custom aluminum trim system

Dallnet® cladding is a system for protecting and covering slabs.
It is made to measure and makes it possible to adapt to any type of thickness of slab.

Dallnet® cladding is placed in frontal position: the headband is fixed in offset with respect to the slab.


Window equipment




Aluminum grab bar system

The grab bar will consist of a 45 mm diameter aluminum tube mounted on wall mounting plates and secured by locking rings.
The expansion play between the grab bar and the boards will be masked by the locking rings.
The system will be free from any visible wall mounting screws.




Window support system with rounded edges and finishing tips

Function of the Protègenet®:

  • Protect the window sills, thus avoiding problems of infiltration, mold, separation of wallpaper, etc.
  • Protect facades against run-off and dirt by removing runoff.

Protègenet® tradition


Protègenet® tradition

Aluminum masonry window restoration for insulated facade

Protègenet® tradition is an aluminum window sill specially designed for facade renovations with Outdoor Thermal Insulation (EWIS).

It makes it possible to reconstitute the aspect of a traditional support.