Dallnet product range


Solutions for protection and finishing of edges of balconies

Dallnet® series H habillage

Dallnet® series H habillage

Aluminium protection and cladding system for slab edges

Dallnet® series N slab nose

Dallet® series N slab nose

Adjustable aluminium cladding system to protect balcony edges

Dallnet® series O gutter

Dallnet® series O gutter

Aluminium balcony rainwater gutter system

Dallnet® series G water drop

Dallnet® series G water drop

Aluminium weather drips for external walls and balcony edges

Dallnet® series R resin

Dallet® series R resin

Finishing profiles for liquid sealing systems

Dallnet® series C tiling

Dallnet® series C tiling

Tiling weather drip and balcony edge protection

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