Roof safety


dani alu provides solutions for roof safety.


Architectural guardrails

Barrial® Mechanical fixing

Safety railing system fixed on a wall or on a slab

Whether it is the uprights, the heddles or the mounting shoes, this system allows perfect adjustment in all points and ease of implementation very appreciated on site.

The different types of fixed railing (straight, angled, curved or folding up) are all part of a single system.

Non-Penetrating guardrails


Barrial® free-standing

Weighted safety railing system

Barrial standard rack is in compliance with the current standard NF E 85-015.

It complies with French regulations relating to collective and permanent safety in the prevention of falls from a height, according to Decree No. 2004-924 of 1 September 2004 (Art. R.233-13-20).


Barrial® free-standing premium

Weighted safety guard system with large adjustment range

Barrial® self standing Premium is an aluminum weighted guardrail system for roof-decks inaccessible to the public. The handrail is adjustable.

The entire system, including counterweights, is guaranteed for 10 years.

Metal roof guardrails

Barrial® for metal roof

Safety railing system fixed on metal roof systems

Regardless of whether sandwich, standing seam, border seam or flat roofs with metal roof supporting shells are involved, we offer solutions for the widest array of roof variants.

Green roof guardrails

Barrial® free-standing TTV

Safety railing system free-standing for green-roof

Barrial free-standing lateral protection system specially design to protect workers on green roofs or on roofs with solar panels. The counter weight can be partly or totally covered by the substrate.

Visual warning line systems



Weighted system for the delimitation of work areas and paths on roof terrace

The advantages of Delimit® are :

  • Without drilling
  • Number of chains to your choice
  • Removable and easily transportable

Securing skylights

Barrial® Securing skylights

Safety railing system

Barrial® roof lantern safety is a safety guard system that prevents people falling through a skylight. It adapts to the different types of existing skylights.

Passage, evacuation and rescue routes

Barrial® Korridor

Passage, evacuation and rescue routes

Barrial® Korridor is a safe walkway, and emergency escape way in aluminum.