Décoralu: garden strip


Décoralu® is a garden edging strip system keeping apart soft surfaces such as earth, gravel, lawn, pine barks...) for a fine rendition.



Product description

The garden dividing strip Décoralu® delimits in a clean and neat way the lawns, flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, walking paths and so on and so forth in your parks and gardens. The system is made of unalterable aluminium that can easily be cut and bent on site (including to create angles).

Product composition

The product comprises:

  • A support profile of 2.4 meter
  • 8 nails

The junction of profiles can done in two ways:

  • with a junction sleeve if the edging strip is used as a separator (buried or semi-buried installation in order to divide distinct materials).
  • with the decorative strip, used both as a junction and a decorative strip. In this finishing, the visible installation of the product hides the nails going through the supporting profile. The decorative strip is delivered in 2 meter long bars.


Complete documentation (in French): doc-Décoralu

Watch the presentation and installation video (in French):

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