Advantages of the system Iteal®

  • Improved climate insulation
  • Improved phonic insulation
  • Protection against water infiltrations
  • Improved building comfort

Description of the system

To meet the requirements of lightness, durability and mechanical stresses, dani alu has innovated with Iteal to create a unique aluminium framework system with a mounted triple functioned thermal breaker.

The brackets and vertical frames are made of a high resitance alloy.
The thermal bridge breakers are made of a reinforced synthetic material of low thermal conductivity.

Brackets to mounted thermal bridge

  • The brackets are incorporated to fixed and sliding points (oblong holes) for greater flexibility installation.
  • The fixed brackets have reinforced angles which guarantees the resistance to mechanical stresses.

Improved climate insulation
  • No thermal bridge
  • Energy savings of 5 to 10%, thanks to less absorption and a dispersion of heat according to the seasons

Improved phonic insulation
  • Improving comfort inside the building.

Protection against water infiltrations
  • Constant ventilation thanks to the air gap, preventing moisture from impregnating the insulation system.

Improved housing comfort and technics used for building
  • No alteration of space inside the building (saving surface compared to internal insulation).
  • Infinite architectural possibilities thanks to the multitude of existing facings.

The calculations were carried out using Trisco software. The reference software for the determination of the values of specific cold bridges

Why Thermally Broken?

-15 % thermal bridge* compared to a conventional solution

Iteal-Facade without thermal break spacers : U = 0,778 W/m².K
Iteal-Facade with thermal break spacers : U = 0,663 W/m².K

This thermal break offers three functions :

  • Thermal break bridge between the aluminium structure and the building
  • Thermal break bridge between the pin and fixture bracket
  • Prevents electrolytic coupling between the fixtures and the aluminium structure

Assembled in the factory, the triple functioned thermal break decreases the number of components to be handled during assembly. The system also reduces the risk of a loss of components when assembling on site.

The Iteal thermal break also guarantees on-site implentation and conforms to the site regulations regarding thermal study.

System elements

All Iteal system elements are made of aluminum 6106, which has a high mechanical strength of 250 MPa, enabling large centrespans.

The elements allow for free expansion (the vertical profile has one fixed and sliding mounts along the profile) or flanged (the profile is only attached to fixed points). The type of installation used is based on the technical specifications for the chosen exterior wall cladding.

Three Piece System :

  • Bracket
  • Pre-assembled thermal break profiles
  • Vertical profiles

Pre-assembled brackets with thermal break profiles

The brackets contain fixed points and slots for installation flexibility.

The reinforced brackets offer excellent strength against mechanical loads.

There are 2 heights (H) and 12 depths (L) available

Spring Clamps

Spring clamps allow for vertical adjustment of the profiles.

Vertical profiles

The vertical profiles are available in 4 types :

  • T 150 x 52
  • T 110 x 52
  • T 80 x 52
  • L 50 x 52 (Edge profiles)

Ready for delivery from 3 to 6 metres (only possible for free expansion conception).

In order to open joints between the cladding or render panels, whilst maximizing the aesthetic appearance, the vertical profile can be supplied :

The installation of the vertical profile on the brackets is done with the help of a special self-drive fixing, by dani alu.

Choice of Brackets

The bracket depths range from 80 mm to 260 mm depending on the cavity depth. The thermal break profiles are factory assembled to the brackets.

Note : Value without the thermal break, add 3 mm if used.

Normes et bardages compatibles

Standards and regulations

Iteal® system underwent resistance tests that have been compiled in a report N° CLC13-26045014 (CSTB test report : N°CLC 13-26045014).

Sidings compatible

The iteal® system is compatible with most sidings available on the market. principally: Agrob Buchtal, Aluform, Carea, Eternit, Fundermax, Prodema, Rebeton, Rockwool, SCB, Terreal, Trespa, VMZ.
For other sidings type please contact us.
dani alu perform the necessary calculations for the system pre-construction.

Iteal® Installation Principle

Installation Principle


dani alu perform the necessary calculations for the system pre-construction.

Attachment to support

Select the correct fixing to mount the brackets depending on the actual substrate (concrete, stone, brick etc. ). dani alu include the loading calculations for the fixings to achieve.

LInstallation Phases

  1. Install the brackets
  2. Install the vertical profiles
  3. Secure the vertical profiles
  4. Insert the insulation
  5. Mount the facade system