Product Description

Protegenet is an aluminium window support system protecting window supports and facades. It is suitable for both new builds and refurbishment. The system is made of a support with rounded edge and aluminium end caps.

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Shipping delay

(Subject to availability – the exact shipping date will be determined after validation of the order)

Usual delay: shipped from the factory in 10 working days

Colors in stock: shipped from the factory in 5 working days for the following finishes: mill finish, anodized, powdercoated RAL 1015, 7016, 9010, 9016.

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List of supports


Factory depth: Add +30 mm to the measurement of concrete

Factory making: Substract -10 mm for the end caps

Reference on site Quantity Factory Depth (mm) Factory Length (mm) Quantity of end caps (1L + 1R)

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