In association with an article in the magazine Etanchéité Info n ° 50, the theme of which is the labels and certifications in construction, dani alu presented a selection of three ITE solutions for roof terraces.


Sherpal weighted


Weighted support system for technical equipment


  • Installation without perforation of the seal
  • No thermal bridge
  • Equipment out of reach of stagnant water
  • Damped vibrations
  • Complies with DTU 43.1




Aluminum support structure system for technical equipment


  • For equipment of type VMC, CTA, ...
  • Mechanical fixing on concrete slab through the waterproofing
  • Complies with Eurocodes 0 and 1
  • Complies with DTU 43.1 and 20.12




Aluminum cover system for insulated acroteries


  • Optimum thermal bridge reduction
  • Integrated slope for stormwater
  • No cutting of insulation
  • Mechanical single mounting
  • Custom Made