Marchenet is a range of products allowing the conformity of the stairs to the standards of accessibility in accordance with the decree of 01/08/2006 and with Circular n ° DGUHC 2007-53 of 30/11/2007. Designed for public-use establishments (ERP), they can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

In accordance with the Order of 30/11/2007 Article 7 and Circular No. DGUHC 2007-53.
According to NFP 01.012 which recommends the installation of a guardrail with dimensional characteristics defined as soon as a drop height of at least 1 m exists.
All handrails must meet the following requirements:
Be located at a height between 0.80 m and 1.00 m. However, where a guardrail is used as a handrail, it shall be located for safety reasons at the minimum height required for the guardrail;
Extend horizontally from the length of a step beyond the first and last steps of each flight without creating any obstacle in the horizontal circulation;
Be continuous, rigid and easily graspable;
Be differentiated from the support wall by special illumination or visual contrast.
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