An unalterable, lightweight, malleable and recyclable material

The chemical process was discovered in 1854 by a Frenchman. Aluminum is the second most used metal after steel, in fact 20 million tons of this material are produced every year in the world because it has multiple advantages.

Of all the existing materials, it is part of the most durable because it is unalterable! Non-corrodible, it naturally generates an oxide layer that protects it from corrosion. From simple maintenance to soapy water, it is above all a material favorable to green growth since it is 100% recyclable and renewable. Today in Europe, 30% of aluminum production comes from recycling. It also has the major advantage of being three times lighter than iron; And mixed with other materials such as copper, iron, chromium or silicon (in appropriate proportions) it becomes very resistant. Perfectly stable, it does not change dimensions and does not crack to make perennial all its performances. It is adaptable to all architectures, both in new and in renovation. Anodized or thermo lacquered, the aluminum is colored to infinity and holds all the labels of quality!