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Helial Integration

Helial Integration®

Complete roof system incorporating photovoltaic modules

Description of the system

Helial® Integration

Complete roof system incorporating photovoltaic modules

The system is insulation covered with an aluminium structure and rigid photovoltaic modules. The assembly of the aluminium structure and the photovoltaic modules is completely waterproof.

The quality of the materials selected gives the system a much longer lifespan than that of traditional roof coverings.

The high-performance insulation (R> 5 m² K / W) enables the building to comply with French BBC (low consumption building) or positive energy standards.


Helial® Integration

Complete roof system incorporating photovoltaic modules

Elements of the system

Helial Integration is a system comprising an aluminium structure provided by dani alu (1) and materials selected by them for their technical features (2, 3, and 4).


1 The aluminium structure (provided by dani alu).

The photovoltaic modules:

The photovoltaic panels are made of the rigid crystalline, pre-framed type. They must be checked for compatibility by dani alu.

Peripheral sealing and vapour barrier:

The peripheral sealing and vapour barrier are type SARNAFIL TG66F (AT No. 5/04-1786).


The insulation is type KNAUF INSULATION POLYFOAM LJ (AT No. 5/04-1780).


In the case of a steel tray sub-base and/or a Public Building, the POLYFOAM insulation is supplemented by a rock wool panel to form a fire barrier (KNAUF INSULATION TERMOTOIT AT No. 5/09-2066).

Helial Integration
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