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Anchor point


Ancral® the fixed anchor point conforms to EN 795 type A 2012 for protection against falls from a height.

An individual number is engraved on each anchor to allow its identification on and a personalised follow-up.

Ancral advantages:

  • Individual marking
  • Online tool to identify the anchor point on the building
  • Conforms to EN 795 type A 2012
  • Ergonomic form
  • Individual laquering

Why an anchor point?

The anchor points secures those at risk when at height. It can be temporary or permanent, fixed or freestanding. The anchor point is necessary if there is no railing or a life-line on the terrace. Each anchor point should have its resistance tested annually by an independent body.



the anchor comprises of:

  • 1 27mm ring to attach to the carabiner
  • 2 wholes with a diameter of 13mm and a centre gap of 100mm to attach the support.

Ancral is available in untreated aluminium or lacquered Bleu sécurité Ral 5005 (other colours available on request.)

untreated aluminium            Ral 5005

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