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Temporary skyliner security grill

The system

Domgrid is a temporary security grid which protects from falls on the building site or during the waterproofing process.




The system is resistant to soft body shock tests of 1200 joules.

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Domgrid's advantages

It's a very flexible tool:

Simplified logistics: 4 retractable for transport, with a weight which does not exceed 15kg. 

Immediate securing : simple and quick implementation. Domgrid can be repositioned as work advances.

Clear work area: Domgrid is suitqble for sealing repair work.

The feet are covered, avoiding puncturing the seal and maintaining the system's stability.

Domgrid is sized so as to adapt to the majority of skylines.


1   Retractable feet

2   Railed framework

3   Food-cover to prevent the damage of sealant and to ensure sturdiness.

4   Locking joint

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