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Barrial freestanding

Barrial freestanding ®

Barrial free-standing

Barrial free-standing

Barrial® free-standing 

Aluminium free-standing safety railing system for flat roofs that are inaccessible to the public.


Barrial free-standing is a ballasted aluminium railing system for flat roofs that are inaccessible to the public.


It comprises a collective and permanent system for protection against falling from height, which meets all statutory constraints.


Rapidity of fixing

Brackets pre-mounted and assembly with a single tool



Counterweight with two handles and a weight which complies with legislation


Barrial blends into the appearance of the building, particularly in a powder-coated finish


Barrial holds the GS European product safety certification mark





What is Barrial?

  • A collective roof edge protection system for use on flat roof construction to safeguard roof access by non-public personnel
  • Free standing and fixed versions
  • The original free standing collective system
  • Manufactured with 100% aluminium components
  • Meets all EN BS applicable standards, in all configurations
  • Multiple design options and choices
  • A designated system to fit the roof type and application 


What are the standards?

Two standards are generally considered depending on roof access requirements:


  • BS EN 13374-A – temporary edge protection systems for use during construction or maintenance of buildings and other structures
  • BS EN 14122-3 – Safety of machinery.  The permanent means of access to machines (Stairways, stepladders and guard-rails)





  • Rapidity of fixing: factory-mounted brackets and easy fit rail clamps
  • Ergonomics: flat shaped counterweights with two integral handles for easy handling
  • Finish: slim design with a wide choice of colours
  • Quality: All european statutory requirements and GS European product safety certification mark

Elements of the system

  • CounterweightRail
  • Jointing sleeve
  • Post
  • Handrail
  • Intermediate rail
  • Skirting (if necessary)
Barrial freestanding
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