Roof light barriers

Roof light barriers®

A comprehensive, ready to install system, no imposed load on the roof and no roof penetrations

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A comprehensive, ready to install system, no imposed load on the roof and no roof penetrations

Flat roofs are working areas, for example for maintenance of equipment, care of green roofs or the maintenance of the roof membrane. Falls through or from the roof are amongst the most common causes of accidents associated with flat roofs. The law makes the securing of edges of roofs and openings on the roof compulsory. When it comes to barriers around danger areas, the Barrial System for railings around roof edges and roof lights and for escape and maintenance corridors guarantee that you are always on the safe side.


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The modular barrial kit system

Barrial roof light railings are a freestanding, collective safety system manufactured from aluminium for use around roof lights, openings in roofs and smoke and heat extraction systems.
Thanks to the modular, ready to assemble Barrial kit system, the barriers can be customised to different dimensions and formats.
The self-supporting design of Barrial roof light barriers avoids any penetration of the delicate roof covering and the resultant damage to
the roofing. The modules are easy to install, particularly cost effective and provide safety at all times.


● Fixed roof lights
● Roof lights which can be opened (90 ° max) for ventilation purposes
● Roof lights with roof access
● Smoke and heat extraction systems


Tested and certified

Barrial safety railings are tested and certified to the European standards BS EN ISO 14122-3 and BS EN 13374 – protection class A.

Roof light barriers
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