Barrial Corridor

Barrial Corridor®

The safe walkway

System-based escape and maintenance corridors

Flucht- und Wartungswege Barrial Korridor

In case of fire or other emergency, it has to be fast, the system Barrial makes possible escape routes that are efficient and yet inexpensive.



Architects, Health and Safety Coordinators, owners and building operators are faced with
numerous statutory requirements and safety regulations in their work. They bear the responsibility for the safety of users and must put the appropriate measures in place both on the construction site and in the finished building.
The rescue plan, which forms part of the overall fire protection concept, is a standard component of every building design and often stipulates that a second escape corridor must be available over the roof. Various standards and laws govern the design and execution of escape corridors. By using Barrial Corridor you will achieve optimal compliance with statutory requirements for safe and stable safety railings and substructures for escape and maintenance corridors.


No interference with other trades

The self-supporting design of Barrial Corridor avoids any penetration of the delicate roof covering and the resultantdamage to the roofing. The system is designed so that no direct connection with the substructure is necessary. The result is that there is no possible question of any liability and warranty claims arising from water penetration through the roof covering. The sophisticated prefabrication of most of the components and their low self-weight enable installation to be fast and uncomplicated, Time-consuming and expensive waterproofi ng after installation is a thing of the past.


Customised designs

Three basic versions of Barrial Corridor are available to act as barriers and protection for escape and maintenance corridors.
The availability of various walkway widths, gate openings or railing connections is all part of the modular, prefabricated system.
The many variations of Barrial Corridor ensure that the system is suitable for practically any roof design – whether bare, covered with gravel or largely green.

Intelligent components such as corner connections, toe-boards, wall connections and self-closing gates, not to mention the wide range of RAL colours that can be applied, make Barrial Corridor a flexible solution for escape and maintenance corridors.



Fluchtwege aus Aluminium

no penetration of the roof
● quickly installed
● flexible, modular system
● light-weight aluminium components
● regulation compliant
● tested and certified
● available in natural aluminium finish or painted in RAL colours

The self-supporting solution for escape routes from aluminum. 

Barrial corridor is not only suitable for installation of escape due, but also to the base enclosure of skylights or design of maintenance walkways.
As the Barrial safety railing is self-supporting and Barrial corridor a fully ballasted held construction without penetrating the waterproofing.
There are no potential vulnerabilities in the sealing of your flat roof by installing a Barrial escape route. Thus, any warranty-arrangements for the sealing of your flat roof are not affected. Want to learn about escape routes for flat roofs, and the products of dani alu more? Then contact us via online inquiry directly to our team - we are happy to explain the technical details and advantages of our solutions for escape routes and other areas.

Barrial Corridor