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Grid cladding for EWIS facades

The system

To meet the requirements of lightness, durability and mechanical stresses, dani alu has innovated with Iteal to create a unique aluminium framework system with a mounted triple functioned thermal breaker.

The brackets and vertical frames are made of a high resitance alloy.

The thermal bridge breakers are made of a reinforced synthetic material of low thermal conductivity.

Brackets to mounted thermal bridge

The brackets are incorporated to fixed and sliding points (oblong holes) for greater flexibility installation.

The fixed brackets have reinforced angles which guarantees the resistance to mechanical stresses. 



Vertical profiles

Vertical profiles

Ready for delivery from 3 to 6 metres (only possible to alter on the set up of the system)

 In order to improve appearance of open joints between sliding and cladding elements, the vertical profiles can:
• delivered on site with black adhesive
• laquered (Danilac® process, RAL ink of choice)
The fixing of vertical profiles on brackets is carried out using a self-drilling screws specifically provided by dani alu


Calculs réalisés avec le logiciel Trisco, logiciel de référence
utilisé par le CSTB pour déterminer les valeurs des ponts
thermiques ponctuels

Why get a thermal breaker?

-15 % thermal bridge*

A traditional solution
Iteal Façade without thermal break :
U = 0,778 W/m².K
Iteal Façade with thermal break :
U = 0,663 W/m².K

This thermal break offers three functions:

• Thermal break bridge between the aluminium structure and the building.
• Thermal break bridge between the pin and fixture bracket.
• Prevents electrolytic coupling between the fixtures and the aluminium structure.

Assembled in the factory, the triple functioned thermal break decreases the number of components to be handled during assembly. The system also reduces the risk of a loss of components when assembling on site.

The Iteal thermal break also guarantees on-site implentation and conforms to the site regulations regarding thermal study.



Choice of brackets

Brackets are available in varying lengths between 80 and 260 mm based on the thickness of the insulation.
The triple functioned thermal break bridges are assembled in the factory.

Clamps allow the vertical profiles to be implemented.


Length of bracket (L) 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260
Dim Min. 90 110 130 150 170 190 210 230 250 270
Dim Max. 110 130 150 170 190 210 230 250 270 290


Dim min. : Minimum distance between structure and facade surfaces (mm)
Dim max. : Maximum between structure and facade surfaces (mm)





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