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Finishing profiles for wood cladding


Anglenet profiles allow aesthetic and decorative finishes to wooden cladding in many situations: Inner or outter angle, exterior to an open or common wall, etc...

It hides the cladding leaving a wooden façade.

Anglenet profiles allow easy implelentation of cladding by avoiding angular cuts in particular. 







Profilés Anglenet


Anglenet profiles are made of an high quality extruded aluminium which guarantees high dimensional accuracy and perfect durability.

Their standard profile is supplied at 3ml.

To adapt to the the appearance of your building, the Anglenet profiles are available untreated or laquered to a RAL ink of your choice.

Our joint laquering and treatment area means we can respond rapidly to your wishes regarding end results.


Mise en Oeuvre Anglenet


1. Fixture of profiles
Profiles must be installed by inox fixtures and should conform to DTU 41.2

2. Junction between profiles
There should be room for expanision of upto 3mm between profiles. The junction piece ensures liaison between profiles and fits into the integrated slots.
To facilitate installation, the connecting part is provided with a locking spur which maintains the position.

3.Installation of cladding